Miller Brothers Auto Repair Flooring Project

We recently completed the floors for Miller Brothers Auto Repair in Somerset, Wisconsin. The repair shop added a 3,000 square foot service bay to keep up with the demand of their business. Safety, style and functionality were their main requirements for the flooring. They wanted a light-colored floor to brighten up the space, along with the perfect amount of texture for added slip resistance without ripping apart mop heads when cleaning. The everyday wear and tear of dropped tools and welding splatter can wreak havoc on even the toughest floors. So, Miller Brothers chose the Tennant Decorative Stone Slurry system.

With a newly poured concrete slab, high levels of moisture were a concern. We determined that a moisture vapor barrier system should be installed prior to the Decorative Stone Slurry system in order to help mitigate any potential moisture issues. We applied two coats of Eco-MVS to combat the moisture and help accelerate the floor coating application timeline. By applying this first, we could then add the Decorative Stone Slurry System much sooner, allowing Miller Brothers to get into their new space with less delay.

The Tennant Decorative Stone Slurry system is an innovative decorative flooring option that offers quicker installation as compared to traditional decorative resin flooring systems. With a sleek, modern, stone-like appearance, this floor is beautiful, functional and durable.

Features of Decorative Stone Slurry System:

  • Low VOC/Low odor
  • Chemical and UV resistance
  • Quick installation
  • Easy to repair when needed
  • Available in a wide variety of color options and custom colors upon request

The floor turned out great and Miller Brothers Auto Repair was set to use their new space. Check out our video to see photos of the completed project.

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