Evaluation Checklist for Great Flooring Solutions

For more than 40 years, Advantage Coating has been in the commercial and industrial floor coating industry. We have experience with various types of coatings, polishing and resurfacing. So when you need industrial floor coatings in Rochester or surrounding areas, you can trust us to provide your quality flooring solutions.

We also know that each business we work with has specific needs for their flooring. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to industrial floor coatings. So, we put together a checklist of questions to ask when you are considering what floor surfacing to use for your industrial facility. Once we have the answers to these questions, we can recommend the best floor coating for you.

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Questions to Ask:

What kind of business is it?

This is the most basic question, but it’s a critical starting point. The kind of business will likely define how the floor is used. This includes how much foot traffic to expect or whether the floor will need to stand up to heavy machines like forklifts.

Who will be using the floor?

Again, understanding traffic is critical. How many people will be on the floor daily? Are they employees or customers? What sort of activities will they be performing? What types of equipment will be on the floors? This information may all seem trivial, but it is actually quite helpful when evaluating the everyday stressors for the floor.

What chemicals or environments will be involved?

Some floors may just be in offices or warehouses, but others have special requirements. They may be rooms exposed to extreme temperatures or where toxic or caustic chemicals are used. Knowing these details will directly affect the coating blend we will use for the project.

What regulations or inspections are required for your particular industry?

We are familiar with many of the state and federal compliance regulations as they pertain to industrial flooring; however, we like to get the details to ensure all requirements are met (and exceeded).

How often is the current floor maintained or repaired?

Learning about the maintenance history of the current floor will let us know what needs to be compensated for in the new flooring solution. The goal is to reduce or prevent those maintenance issues, so you can have a quality floor you don’t need to worry about.

This evaluation checklist helps you and us understand your business, the floor stressors that will be present, and the ultimate objectives for the floor coating. When we know these factors, we can help you choose the best industrial floor coating for your specific needs that will perform and last.

Advantage Coating specializes in commercial and industrial floor coatings for Rochester and surrounding areas. To learn what we can do for your flooring, give us a call at 952-556-8720 or contact us. We will be happy to go through this checklist and determine the best industrial floor coating for you!