Top Applications for Commercial Concrete Coatings

There are countless benefits to choosing the right concrete coating for the flooring in your facility; cleanliness, durability, customization and affordability to name a few. Interior concrete flooring has become a highly popular flooring option for businesses. Commercial concrete floors are both resilient and highly sustainable. However, in order for poured concrete flooring to remain protected from damage and daily wear and tear, it needs to be properly coated. Commercial concrete coatings are a great way to do just that.commercial concrete coatings

Some of the most common commercial concrete floor coating applications include:

  • Production and manufacturing facilities
  • Distribution centers
  • Warehouses
  • Restaurants and breweries
  • Automotive garages and dealerships
  • Supermarkets and retail stores
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Hotels
  • Loading docks and bays
  • Office buildings
  • And more

It’s hard to find a flooring alternative as affordable and as durable as concrete. Contrary to belief, commercial concrete coatings go far beyond uses for warehouses and other industrial properties. In fact, concrete coatings can be incredibly stylish and used to provide an attractive aesthetic appeal for commercial flooring of all types.

At Advantage Coating we have experience in the application of commercial concrete coatings in all of these industries and understand each one’s unique needs. While a warehouse may require a fairly basic coating option, a restaurant or boutique brewery will likely choose a more custom look to match the style of their establishment. A hospital will have floor coating requirements that differ completely from an automotive dealership, and a school will need flooring options that are drastically different than a food-processing plant.

Whatever the application, a commercial concrete floor coating will transform a plain, unprotected concrete slab into an appealing, durable, and easily maintained floor that holds its value. Why not add a coating to your concrete floor?

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