Commercial Flooring Options

Choosing the Right Floor for Your Environment

Urethane Coatings – For an attractive, abuse-resistant floor

Premium urethane coatings resist stains, UV fading, chemicals and abrasion.

Epoxy Resurfacers – To renew eroded concrete

If your floor must stand up to heavy loads and severe conditions, epoxy resurfacers create a strong, dense, affordable alternative to slab replacement.

ESD Control – For protection from static discharge

ESD floor coatings are essential to the overall safety and performance of your work environment.

Food Industry Flooring

FDA approved overlayment for kitchens and food processing.

Polishing AND Dyeing – Because appearance counts

Polishing creates a highly reflective surface that lowers maintenance costs.

Fast-Curing Systems – When time is limited

Advantage Coating offers InstaCure ® and MMA solutions for situations where floors must be readied for immediate foot and vehicle traffic. With InstaCure ®, floors are quickly coated and instantly cured. MMA combines commercial aesthetics with industrial performance. Each coat cures in less than one hour to create a long-lasting floor in as little as a day.