Why Concrete Floors and Concrete Floor Coatings are the Eco-Friendly Choice

In today’s commercial design industry, environment-friendly and sustainable building is a top priority. Many businesses are looking for ways to not only help improve the environment but also save energy and money while doing so. Luckily, there are many materials available that are both sustainable and eco-friendly. When it comes to flooring solutions, there are few more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions than concrete. As experts in commercial floor coatings for Duluth, we would like to tell you more about why concrete flooring is one of the best eco-friendly flooring choices out there.

metallic epoxy flooring

For one, it’s sustainable. When installed properly, concrete flooring protected by commercial floor coatings is one of the most durable flooring solutions available. While regular maintenance and cleaning is needed, your concrete floor can last for many years. Other flooring solutions such as carpet, tile, and even wood can eventually wear out and need to be replaced. If sustainability is what you want out of your commercial building, concrete flooring is what you need.

Another way in which concrete floors are eco-friendly is that most concrete floors are made up of recycled materials. Some of these materials used within concrete floors include metal shavings, crushed glass and marble chips. And once, or if, your concrete floors are ever removed, the floors themselves will become recycled and used for other projects.

Another great thing about concrete floors, especially polished concrete, is that they can reflect light and radiate heat very well. This means that during the winter months, you can possibly save some money on energy bills as your floors will help keep and provide warmth throughout your building. Polished concrete is also great at reflecting light. If you strategize correctly, you could allow natural lighting through windows to warm and light your building.

Concrete floors are some of the most economical flooring choices out there. This is especially true for new commercial buildings and foundations, as choosing to keep the existing concrete floors exposed will end up being significantly less expensive than adding in a new flooring solution.

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