Why Business Owners Prefer Commercial Epoxy Flooring

When business owners look to update and renovate their functional flooring, there’s one type of flooring they reach for above the rest; commercial epoxy flooring. Iowa area businesses and businesses all over the Midwest choose this type of flooring for both its looks and incredible durability. Business owners want little obligation to their floors but want an installation that looks professional, will last for decades and can save on money. Many business owners have found commercial epoxy flooring can do just that. Here’s how:

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Whether it is a small or large business space or building, no one wants production time shut down for any amount of time. Business owners do not want to spend copious amounts of money on a floor that will need constant repairs and maintenance. That’s where commercial epoxy flooring comes in. Epoxy floors are quickly installed, thus minimizing the amount of downtime your business production has to take while the installation process is completed.


When your floors are seamless, they are easy to clean and maintain and create less hassle than any other floor. Commercial epoxy flooring creates a non-porous surface made up of resins and hardeners that is heat, impact, scratch and moisture resistant. Dust, debris, and dirt do not stick and stain your epoxy floors so you will be spending less time on maintenance and more time on your business.


Concrete on its own would absorb any harmful substances. However, when epoxy is installed to cover your concrete, it does not allow any such substances to penetrate its surface. Your floors become safer for customers and employees and can withstand changing pressures and weight on its surface. With commercial epoxy flooring, business owners spend less money on repairs and can spend more money on different areas for their business.


Commercial epoxy flooring is also versatile and can be installed to resemble any design or texture you desire. With an unlimited number of designs, patterns, and textures, epoxy floors allow you to personalize your business floor in such a way that will attract new customers and keep the old ones impressed every single time. With a high gloss glass-like finish, epoxy floors are elegantly strong and are able to withstand the test of time.

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