Target Airplane Hangar Flooring Project

We recently renovated this airplane hangar floor for Target Corporation, located at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. We installed the original flooring nearly 10 years ago, and it was time for a refresh. The floor is close to 32,000 square feet and features a 180-foot diameter Target logo.

We used the following Tennant products for the flooring:

  • Eco-MPE (Multi-Purpose Epoxy) – low-odor, 100% solids epoxy that self-levels for easy application. Used as the primer for the floor.
  • Eco-CEP (Colored Epoxy Primer) – pre-pigmented formula that reduces the number of coats necessary to hide dark substrates. Used as both a primer and build coat that helps provide a more consistent background when using white urethane topcoats.
  • Eco-HTS 100 (High Traffic System) – low odor/low VOC, durable, chemical resistant, satin urethane topcoat for high volume and heavy load traffic areas.
  • WearGuard-HTS (High Traffic System) – satin urethane topcoat. Lasts twice as long as standard urethanes.

Check out our video to see photos of the project.

This new flooring system will keep the hangar looking and performing great for many more years!

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