Tennant Special Needs Resurfacers MN

Resistant and Decorative

Tennant resurfacers are also available in a chemically resistant formulation and a decorative quartz formulation.

Eco-HT™ 250: High Temperature Overlay

Eco-HT 250 is recommended for repairing concrete damaged by high temperatures or chemical spillage. It is ideal for chemical, food and beverage processing, battery charging areas, manufacturing plants and pharmaceutical or chemical storage areas. It is safe for use around odor-sensitive products.

Eco-DQF™ Decorative Quartz Flooring

Eco-DQF combines a clear epoxy resin and colored quartz aggregate in a self-leveling flooring system. It creates an attractive, textured surface that provides slip resistance and withstands chemicals and traffic.

Eco-EJF™ Epoxy Joint Filler

Tennant Epoxy Joint Filler provides a flexible seal between concrete slabs and expansion joints. It accommodates expansion and contraction and can be top coated with other Tennant products.

Eco-EG™ Epoxy Grout

Use Tennant Epoxy Grout to pre-fill large cracks and holes or build drains, ramps and more. When overlaid with Eco-PT 250 or Eco-HT 250, it turns badly eroded floors into strong, smooth trucking areas.

We serve the upper Midwest: Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota. For more information on Tennant resurfacers, call 952-556-8720 or contact us