Tennant WearGuard Coatings™ MN

Moderate to Heavy Traffic: Tennant WearGuard Coatings™

WearGuard Coatings™ are perfect for use in moderate to heavy traffic areas.  All comply with VOC regulations.

Eco-ITS™ Industrial Traffic System

This patented solvent-free coating is as tough as most solvent-based coatings. It is ideal for main traffic aisles, assembly areas and spaces with forklifts or other industrial traffic. It complies with LA Rule 66 and VOC/VOS regulations.


Durable, moisture-cured urethane provides attractive, well-protected floors. VOC-ITS provides a glossy finish that withstands industrial traffic. Use it in main traffic aisles and production and assembly lines.

Eco-HTS™ High Traffic System

Abrasion-resistant and low solvent, Eco-HTS provides maximum durability for high traffic areas. It contains aluminum oxide fillers and is ideally suited for loading docks and main traffic areas. The satin gloss coating complies with LA Rule 66 and VOC/VOS regulations.

VOC-HTS™ High Traffic System

This high-solids satin finish urethane contains special fillers for twice the wear life of standard urethanes. It is ideal for loading docks and areas with extremely heavy traffic. Meets VOC regulations.

Eco-MPE™ Multi-purpose Epoxy

This clear, 100% solids epoxy can be used in a wide variety of application that require 3-30 mils of coating. It can be used as a prime coat for all thin-mil systems, or as a stand-alone coating where solvent restrictions exist.

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