Minnesota Tennant Specialty Coatings

For the Most Demanding Environments: Tennant Specialty Coatings

Tennant Company specialty coatings are available in a variety of formulations to meet your specific needs.

Eco-CRE™ Chemical Resistant Epoxy

Ninety-seven percent solids, chemical-resistant epoxy prevents concrete damage from many industrial chemicals. It is designed for use in battery charging, chemical processing and other chemical exposure areas.

Eco-HPS™ High Performance System

Ideal for main aisles, warehouses and industrial traffic areas. This high solids, non-yellowing coating system has a high gloss finish that provides superior light reflectivity and chemical resistance. Complies with LA Rule 66 and VOC/VOS regulations.

VOC-CRU™ Chemical-Resistant Urethane

High solids, chemical-resistant urethane provides outstanding chemical resistance while increasing light reflectivity. Ideal for battery charging areas, hangars and other areas exposed to harsh chemicals. Complies with LA Rule 66 and VOC/VOS regulations.

VOC-SDS™ Static Dissipative System

Chemical-resistant urethane provides static dissipation, durability and chemical resistance. It is ideally suited for military hangars, commercial aircraft hangars, electronics assembly areas, laboratories and clean rooms.

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