Tennant ProTekt Sealers Minnesota

For Light and Pedestrian Traffic: Tennant ProTekt Sealers™

Tennant Sealers are recommended for use around food and other odor-sensitive products. All Tennant Sealers comply with LA Rule 66 and VOC/VOS regulations.

Eco-LTS™ Light Traffic System

This satin finish epoxy emulsion sealer offers twice the wear life of competitive products and protects against light to moderate traffic.

Eco-PTS™ Pedestrian Traffic System

This urethane-modified acrylic sealer can be used under racking and in areas with light traffic. Economical and easy to apply, it is applied in three easy coats. No mixing required.


Used to harden and seal both old and new concrete, Eco-Hard-N-Seal contains no solvents. It reduces concrete dusting and can be used as a curing compound for newly placed concrete.

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