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If you were hoping to upgrade your businesses’ functional flooring with polished concrete or coated concrete floors this spring or summer, please know that the professionals here at Advantage Coating are still working. We are taking every precaution necessary and following all official guidelines to ensure your safety as well as ours. Luckily, our job doesn’t require close contact. And, we thoroughly clean all work areas at the beginning and end of each day. So, when you need commercial concrete polishing in the Minneapolis of Midwest region, we are the professionals to help. If you are unsure what type of commercial concrete flooring services you require, here is some information on commercial concrete polishing and what makes it an excellent choice for businesses of all types:

Concrete Floor Polishing

If you currently have a concrete floor in your business or warehouse and you want a flooring option to give your space a fresh new look and a great level of protection, but have decided that the epoxy coating may not right for you; commercial concrete polishing may be what you’re looking for. Concrete polishing is a process that, when done right, can transform your interior or exterior concrete from a tired, dull surface to a glossy, durable one. Here are a few of the other benefits for you to keep in mind:

  • It’s sanitary. Normal concrete is actually quite porous. Because of this, leaks and spills can seep into your floor creating stains and bacteria buildup. Polished concrete, however, repels this kind of problem and protects your flooring from damage.
  • It can be a lasting investment. Commercial concrete polishing is a solid financial investment because of the increased protection, durability, and fewer maintenance hours necessary to keep your surface in the best condition.
  • It’s versatile. Whether you would like to protect a manufacturing, hallway, warehouse or restaurant floor, it is an effective and practical option for floors in many industries.
  • And more

Whatever your reason, commercial concrete polishing will provide a beautiful shine and improved performance for your facility’s flooring. After handling thousands of square feet of polished concrete, our skilled team knows the ins and outs of each type of project’s needs. And, with our specialized equipment, we’re able to tackle polishing for a large variety of applications.

Ready to get started? We can help you choose the right services for your unique business. For more information on commercial concrete polishing at your Minneapolis area business, call Advantage Coating at 952-556-8720 or Contact Us.