Manufacturing & Similar Industries Should Choose Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Deciding what kind of flooring to install in your business can be a huge consideration. When it comes to industrial settings such as manufacturing facilities, distribution warehouses, assembly plants and more; the flooring can experience heavy amounts of wear and tear. Harsh, corrosive chemicals, oil, heavy machinery and scratches can put a lot of mileage on a floor in a short amount of time. That is why it is so important for manufacturing and similar industries to invest in high-quality industrial concrete floor coatings. North Dakota and surrounding areas trust Advantage Coating for all of their commercial concrete coating needs. It is essential that your industrial concrete floor coating is durable and made to last so that you can continue to perform successfully and efficiently. And, we are here at Advantage Coating are to help your manufacturing, warehouse or similar business get the most out of your flooring. Here’s how:

Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings

When you’re looking at industrial floors you need to find an option that not only looks nice but will save you money and time. The last thing you want is to install a floor and need to repair it or reinstall it in a year or two. With industrial epoxy flooring, you are not only guaranteeing a neat and polished look, but you’re also creating a safe workplace for your employees. Without proper traction from industrial concrete floor coatings, slips and falls become more common and put workers at risk for serious injury; this can be especially true in manufacturing and warehouse settings. A slip-resistant, non-skid industrial floor coating can prevent such accidents from occurring, allowing your business to thrive as usual and free of safety concerns.

Industrial floor coating’s ease of maintenance can transform your facility into an efficiently functioning machine, reducing time spent on routine cleanings and repair. Industrial concrete floor coatings are made to clean spills easily. You can wipe the materials off with a towel wipe or mop.

And, the best thing about epoxy concrete floor coatings is they are made for adding long-wear to floors with an abrasion-resistant finish. Epoxy isn’t just added to floors to make them look shiny. They also provide excellent durability. When the epoxy dries, it creates a hard surface that will protect your floors from spills and scratches. And, since industrial concrete coatings create a barrier against moisture, water won’t be able to make its way into the cracks and cause it to crack or crumble.

Ready to give your auto shop, warehouse or other business’ flooring the protection it needs? Give us a call at Advantage Coating. We can help you choose the right coatings for your unique office. For more information on industrial concrete floor coatings at your North Dakota area business, call Advantage Coating at 952-556-8720 or Contact Us.