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Industrial Concrete Flooring Wisconsin

If you own or work in an industrial environment, you need floors that can withstand a lot. Whether it’s heavy machinery, constant traffic or exposure to various chemicals, an industrial floor should be able to handle it all. At Advantage Coating, we specialize in industrial concrete flooring for Wisconsin. We can take your plain concrete flooring to the next level with a professional coating to make it last and handle whatever you may put on it.

Concrete floors are usually the best option for industrial spaces. Concrete is tough and can handle a lot of weight and pressure; however, it’s also porous, making it hard to keep clean. It’s also easy to chip and crack with constant use. To make the most of your concrete floors, you should add a floor coating. We have several options for floor coatings that will help your concrete flooring last longer and perform better.

Industrial Concrete Flooring from Advantage Coating

We can help you determine the best industrial concrete flooring option for your Wisconsin facility. Depending on the nature of your industry, we can help you choose the best option for your specific needs.

Two of the best options we have for industrial flooring are urethane and epoxy coatings.

Urethane makes for an attractive and abuse-resistant floor. It is resistant to stains, UV fading, chemicals and abrasion. It is also tolerant of high temperatures. Urethane coatings can make your concrete floors much more durable, meaning they will last much longer as well.

Epoxy coatings are another option to help the strength and durability of your concrete floors. Epoxy bonds well with concrete and itself. It can be used as the main flooring or as a base coat for other types of coatings. Epoxy is durable and resistant to chemicals, but it is susceptible to heat and light damage.

Again, these are just the main options, we also offer more specialized systems to meet your specific needs. With whatever concrete flooring option you choose, a coating will provide a continuous smooth surface across the entire space. This prevent cracks, seams and weak spots in the flooring. Floor coatings will help your concrete withstand heavy use and chemicals being spilled on it.

If you want to discuss the options for your industrial space, just contact us and our nearest sales representative will meet with you to discuss the best solution for your needs.

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