Industrial Concrete Floor Coatings Offer the Latest in Flooring Options

With continuously advanced equipment in virtually every business and a growing concern for sustainability, today’s industrial flooring systems have undergone a drastic transformation over the last decade. Utilizing high-performance coatings has now become a common practice across many industries in order to improve ease of maintenance and durability.

Airplane Hangar Flooring

The latest range of industrial concrete floor coatings encapsulates an impressive set of characteristics along with the likes of high moisture resistance, eco-friendliness, durability, functionality, slip resistance, longevity, the pace of installation, economy and aesthetics. Here at Advantage Coating, we carry the very best in industrial concrete floor coatings for Minnesota and the surrounding areas and strive to get you the right commercial floor coatings for your unique needs.

There can be different floors for different departments in a single industry these days, and combinations can be countless when it comes to the optimal protection of each flooring type. When you enlist our experts,  we take into account various factors such as the ambiance of the manufacturing unit, nature of activities taking place within the building, and movement of machinery/employees in a premise before recommending the best industrial concrete floor coating solution.

The right flooring system can help keep environments clean and safe. At Advantage Coating, we create flooring without welded seams that can crack and curl, as well as no grout lines where mold, germs and odors tend to fester. We engineer our floors to support clean-up regimes that are easy to execute. We know there’s no substitute for attention to detail.

Epoxy and properly coated concrete flooring systems are ideal for the food and beverage industry especially in facilities that handle production equipment, packaging and cold storage machinery. Commercial kitchens, bakeries, poultry and diaries, freezers and more all require floor coating solutions that optimize cost benefits and meet regulatory standards.

Then there are aviation hangars. Flooring for aviation hangars has to be performed under the arduous environment of daily operations, yet retain a highly reflective finish for a longer duration. Industrial concrete floor coatings can withstand wear-and-tear and frequent spills, while enhancing the safety of facility occupants and the aircraft alike.

And, these are just a few examples of where industrial concrete floor coatings can make the biggest difference in the durability and sustainability of a facility’s flooring. 

Whatever type of building or business you run, we can find the right solution for you. To learn more about industrial concrete floor coatings for your Minnesota area business, call Advantage Coating at 952-556-8720 or Contact Us. We also serve Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa!