A Guide to Commercial Decorative Concrete Floors

Concrete is arguably the most durable material in the world. It has built a reputation for its strength and durability, enjoying popularity for its dexterity as well as its variety of options and aesthetics. Decorative concrete is one of these such options and includes within it a wide range of finishes and styles. Decorative concrete flooring is the process of adding the desired coating on top of raw or finished concrete to achieve a custom decorative color; thus, calling it decorative concrete. Here at Advantage Coating, we offer a wide range of processes for commercial decorative concrete floors in Cedar Rapids and the surrounding areas. It is a fantastic option for businesses who want to add a unique appeal to their functional flooring and since there are so many to choose from, we’ve put together a short guide to help you choose what’s right for your unique business. 

CoJack Metallic Flooring commercial decorative concrete floors cedar rapids


Epoxy is a type of resin that when cured withstands almost anything you throw at it. You will not only get a showroom look but epoxy flooring helps to keep your floors clean by resisting grease, moisture and chemicals. Even choose popular and highly impressive metallic epoxy for a modern and luxurious finish. 

Epoxy commercial decorative concrete floors are durable enough to withstand high traffic, are low maintenance, cost-effective especially for large areas, offer attractive finishes and increase property value.


Heavy-duty grinding and polishing machines are used to achieve a smooth and shiny appearance. Polished commercial decorative concrete floors are polished to a beautiful, glistening shine. These floors are very reflective, making them luxurious and help increase the light exposure of your space and significantly enhance its ambiance.

Polished decorative concrete floors are eco-friendly, durable to withstand high traffic, reflective, attractive and low maintenance.

Custom Color

Colorful adornments are a great way to add fun and functional durability to your business’ flooring. Color-coded commercial decorative concrete floors can create zones to let personnel know where to stand like in an operating room or label meeting rooms in an office. You can even display your logo or iconic design to match the theme of your brand. Custom color-matching can create a seamless look with the walls and ceiling.

Do you have a custom look for your flooring in mind? Commercial decorative concrete floors are a great way to make your vision a reality! And, they offer incredible durability for unique flooring that will last. To get more information about commercial decorative concrete floors for your Cedar Rapids area business, call Advantage Coating at 952-556-8720 or Contact Us.