Is Epoxy or Urethane Flooring Better for Your Business?

When it comes to concrete floor coatings, there are several options for businesses. Two of the more popular coatings are epoxy and urethane flooring. So, which is better? They each have advantages and disadvantages. We will cover those so you can determine the best option for your particular commercial building. We install urethane and commercial epoxy flooring for La Crosse, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas. You can trust Advantage Coating to professionally install whichever floor coating option you choose.

Let’s look at some different factors to compare the two coatings.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring La Crosse WI

Coating Strength

Urethane and epoxy are both quite strong, but in slightly different ways. Epoxy is more resistant to crushing forces – such as being driven on by heavy vehicles. However, it can be cracked by falling objects, especially ones with sharp points.

Urethane is not as resistant to downward pressure but has characteristics that make it “springy” and more resilient to falling damage. It’s also more heat resistant than epoxy.


Both products need a properly prepped concrete floor before installation. Once applied, urethane dries and cures faster than epoxy. So, if time is of the essence, urethane may be the way to go. However, epoxy bonds better to concrete than urethane. Epoxy can also be applied thicker, making it a good option for older concrete floors that may have cracks and blemishes.

Chemical Resistance

If chemical spills are a significant concern, epoxy will likely be the better option. It’s more resistant to both acids and bases than urethane. Epoxy can also be formulated to be even more resistant to chemicals. Frequent spills of almost any caustic material will weaken urethane flooring.

Commercial Urethane Flooring La Crosse WI

Ultraviolet Resistance

Urethane flooring is the definite winner for this category. Epoxy will fade and lose its color in direct sunlight, and a lot of temperature shifts can also weaken epoxy. Urethane is resistant to UV light so is a preferred choice for buildings with many windows.


Despite creating a shiny surface for high light reflectivity, both urethane and epoxy are safe to walk on in normal circumstances, with plenty of traction. However, epoxy tends to become slippery when wet, which can present a hazard. If the floor can frequently get wet, urethane is the best option.

Visual Appeal

Both epoxy and urethane create similar shiny floor surfaces and come in a variety of colors and options. So, either will create a beautiful floor for your commercial facility.

Final Thoughts

Based on the information above, it really depends on your business when determining the best floor coating option. Both epoxy and urethane will take your concrete floors to the next level, offering strength and durability. The use of heavy machinery, chemical spills and other factors will determine which coating is best for your application.

If you have questions on which coating is best for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can go through all the possible options to help you find the best fit for your needs.

To learn more about commercial epoxy flooring for La Crosse and surrounding areas, contact Advantage Coating.