Commercial Floor Coatings St Cloud

Do you want to improve the overall function of your business’ flooring while also improving on its appearance? Commercial floor coatings for your St Cloud business can offer durability and intrigue for your functional flooring. They also provide a safer and more durable surface for heavy foot traffic and day-to-day wear and tear.

Commercial Floor Coatings Rochester

With commercial floor coatings, you can instantly upgrade your functional flooring. An unkempt floor can not only hurt the overall appearance of your business, but it can create a multitude of safety issues as well. That’s where commercial floor coatings can help. But don’t have your commercial floor coatings installed by just anyone; trust the experts at Advantage Coating. We are the experts in both commercial and industrial floors and our teams work anywhere in the Midwest and are fully staffed with highly trained employees. We are a family-owned and operated business which means we can offer personalized service to meet your unique needs and provide you with the ideal commercial concrete coatings for your business.

We offer concrete floor coatings to match your unique business’ style and décor. Whatever your commercial concrete flooring needs, Advanced Coating has got you covered! Ready to get started? Give us a call! We have several options for commercial floor coatings including specialty coatings for chemical resistance. Contact us and we can help you determine the best commercial floor coatings for your needs based on your unique business.

Types of Commercial Floor Coatings

When you hire Advantage Coating, we can help you select the right type of commercial floor coatings for your unique business. We have experience with almost every industry out there and can help you select the right coating to suit your business.

We are qualified professionals with the ability to assist in the decision-making process, helping you decide on style and color. We have helped many local companies and residents like you with all of their commercial concrete flooring coating, polishing and repair needs.

We make your satisfaction our top priority. And, we specialize in a variety of commercial floor coatings and services including:

  • Epoxies
  • Cementitious Urethane Overlayments
  • Electrostatic dissipative coatings
  • Acrylics
  • Specialty Coatings
  • Urethanes
  • Secondary containment coatings
  • Large-scale joint and crack repair
  • Concrete polishing
  • And more

Whatever it is you need, Advantage Coating has got you covered!

Contact Us about Commercial Floor Coatings

Ready to get started on a better floor for your business? For more information about commercial floor coatings for your St Cloud business, call Advantage Coating at 952-556-8720 or Contact Us.