Commercial Decorative Concrete Floors Minneapolis

Have you ever walked into a business and admired their shiny, custom-painted floor? Maybe they painted their logo in the entryway or safety lanes to show visitors where to walk. No matter what the custom design was, decorative flooring can entice customers to keep coming back. If you want commercial decorative concrete floors for your Minneapolis business, call Advantage Coating.

Commercial decorative concrete floors can elevate your business in the Twin Cities area. Beyond looking great and keeping customers coming back, they actually protect your concrete as well. While concrete itself is a very durable material, commercial decorative concrete floors add a coating to your concrete that protects it from water, chemicals, heat and heavy traffic depending on the coating you choose!

Plus, the look is completely customizable. You can choose the colors, logos, safety lanes – everything. From blues to reds to grays to yellows, the options for your concrete floors are endless.

commercial decorative concrete floors minneapolis

Advantage Coating offers experienced professionals who can even help you decide on the best coating and design for your business. If you aren’t sure whether your business would benefit from safety lanes or zones included in the floor design, talk to one of our professionals! Tell them what goes on in your business, discuss the traffic and general usage. They can help make recommendations based on the specific needs of your floors!

Ready to learn more about commercial decorative concrete floors? Give us a call today! We are happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss what option is best for you.

Advantage Coating: Your Home for Commercial Decorative Concrete Floors

For decades, Advantage Coating has been the trusted name in commercial decorative floors throughout the Midwest. We are a family owned and operated business, and we pride ourselves on the personalized care we provide for each of our customers.

With experience in industries ranging from food and beverage to warehouses, from schools to hangars, we have the experience and expertise to protect the concrete floors in your industrial facility or business.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and ideas for your floors. We know you will love your new commercial decorative concrete floors when you choose Advantage Coating.

Learn More about Commercial Decorative Concrete Floors

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