Wisconsin Commercial Concrete Floor Resurfacing

Are your floors saying what you want them to about your business? Visitors can tell a lot about your business by simply looking at your floors. Clients, customers and employees alike can take one look and develop an opinion about the type of service, safety and quality of services you provide. An unkempt or unsafe floor can not only degrade the overall appearance of your business, but can create a multitude of safety issues as well. That’s where commercial concrete floor resurfacing comes in. Our commercial concrete floor resurfacing experts can work with you to enhance the style, color, texture and durability of your flooring.

Commercial concrete floor resurfacing for your Wisconsin area business can offer a safer and more durable surface for your day-to-day operations. And, here at Advantage Coating we can provide professional coating and flooring resurfacing you can depend on. We have experience offering commercial concrete floor resurfacing and coatings for a wide variety of clients in many different industries and we’ve been doing it for decades.

So, instead of costly concrete replacement or capping, choose commercial concrete floor resurfacing! Give us a call today to learn more about the many commercial concrete resurfacing solutions we can offer.

Commercial Concrete Floor Resurfacing Services from Advantage Coating

We are a family-owned and operated business which allows us to offer personalized service to meet your unique needs and provide you with the ideal commercial concrete floor resurfacing services. Depending on your industry, we can provide an option for a floor that will work best for you. Here at Advantage Coating, we offer a variety of solutions to meet the unique needs of your business. Types of resurfacing include:

  • Power-troweled resurfacing. Restores large areas of your flooring efficiently and economically.
  • Special needs resurfacing. Including chemically resistant and decorative quartz formulations.
  • Hand-troweled products for smaller resurfacing jobs. Quickly patching cracks, potholes and small areas of eroded concrete.
  • Self-leveling resurfacing. Restores eroded concrete floors, creating a smooth, durable, easy-to-clean finish that resists chemicals, damage and wear. And, it has greater compressive strength than concrete.

Whatever your flooring needs, Advanced Coating can help! Our teams can work anywhere in the Midwest and are fully staffed with highly trained employees. Contact us today to learn more about coating, resurfacing and the many services we can provide!

Contact Us about Commercial Concrete Floor Resurfacing

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