Commercial Concrete Floor Coatings St Paul

Ever pictured better looking, more versatile flooring for your commercial business? Improve the durability and longevity of your business’ flooring while also improving its appearance with commercial concrete floor coatings from Advantage Coating.

With commercial concrete floor coatings from Advantage Coating, your building’s flooring can have style and durability that lasts. As the trusted name in commercial concrete floor coatings for St Paul and the surrounding areas, we have been providing expert, professional coating and flooring resurfacing for a wide variety of clients and industries for decades.

An unkempt or unsafe floor can not only degrade the overall appearance of your business, but can create a multitude of safety issues as well. That’s where commercial concrete floor coatings come in. Commercial concrete floor coatings are a great way to incorporate sleek color and style into your functional flooring while also providing a safer and more durable surface for heavy foot traffic and day-to-day wear.

Types of Commercial Concrete Coating from Advantage Coating

At Advantage Coating, we have a proven record of efficiency and make your satisfaction our top priority. And, we specialize in a variety of coating types and services including:

  • Urethane coatings. Durable and long lasting flooring designed for use in moderate to heavy traffic.
  • Epoxies. Great looking, durable floor coating that offers sleek looks and tough longevity.
  • Acrylics
  • Specialty Coatings. A variety of high performance formulations to resist chemicals, protect against static discharge and reduce water vapor transmission.
  • Cementitious Urethane Overlayments. For use around food processing, kitchens, and meat packing. Cementitious Urethane are FDA approved durable flooring for food industry.
  • Large-scale joint and crack repair
  • Concrete polishing
  • And more

And these are just some of the many services Advantage Coating can provide. Whatever it is you need in commercial concrete floor coatings, we can provide it.

Trust the Experts at Advantage Coating

Don’t have your commercial concrete floor coatings installed by just anyone; only trust the experts at Advantage Coating. Experts in both commercial and industrial floors, Advantage Coating, Inc. has years of experience in quality coating, polishing and resurfacing. Our teams can work anywhere in the Midwest and are fully staffed with highly trained employees. We are a family-owned and operated and we take pride in what we do. You can count on us to install high-performance commercial concrete floor coatings that improve the quality of your business.

Contact Us about Commercial Concrete Floor Coatings

Ready to get started on a better surface for your business? For more information on commercial concrete floor coatings at your St Paul area business, call Advantage Coating at 952-556-8720 or Contact Us.