Industrial Floor Coatings Budget

2022 is coming to a close, which means it is time to start looking ahead to 2023. What projects do you need to complete to keep your industrial facility running smoothly? Do you have items left on your list from 2022? Thinking ahead about these issues can make sure that you are prepared to budget for necessary expenses, such as upgrading your industrial floor coatings.

So, have you considered whether it is time for new industrial floor coatings in Twin Cities for your business? If you have, have you considered your budget for the project?

Here are a few things to consider when planning out your budget for industrial floor coatings!

Do you need repairs or replacement?

Answering this question is an important first step to determining how much to budget for your floors in 2023. If you only need repairs, you can save money on both the installation costs and the cost of shutting your business down for a few days while the new coatings bond properly to the floor.

If your floors require entirely new industrial floor coatings, you will need to adjust your budget accordingly. Industrial floor coatings are more cost-effective than having to replace your concrete floors altogether. Remember that even if the price is a little higher, this is a great investment in your business and can save you from spending more money later on floor repairs and replacements.

How long will your business be shut down?

If you have to re-do the floor throughout your industrial facility, work will need to be stopped for a time. Depending on the coating you choose, you may need to halt business for anywhere from 24 hours to 96 hours for a typical job. If your job will take longer, it’s important to discuss that with your floor coating professional. They should be able to provide you with a plan that allows parts of your facility to stay up and running while other parts are worked on.

Person at laptop showing budgeting graphs - Industrial floor coatings

Are there any legal requirements for your floor coatings?

While industrial floor coatings themselves are fairly inexpensive, the extras and customized coatings are where costs start to creep in. For some industries, like food and beverage, there are legal requirements to ensure that the facility is sanitary. For other industries, there may be practical choices such as chemical-resistant coatings to protect your floors for as long as possible. Each of these steps up from basic epoxy will increase the price.

Are there any aesthetic requirements you have for your business?

Maybe you are looking at having industrial floor coatings installed for a customer-facing section of the building or you require safety lanes or zones. Any aesthetic choices, no matter the reason, can increase the price you are looking at for your new industrial floor coatings.

When looking ahead to your 2023 budget, be sure to ask yourselves these questions and then call industrial floor coating providers in the Twin Cities area to get estimates. Be sure you include Advantage Coating in your list of possible floor coating contractors. Call us today at 952-556-8720 or contact us!