The Best Type of Industrial Floor Coating Per Industry

Managers and owners of industrial sites are always looking for the best floor performance while reducing the risks associated with their industry. That is why it is important to invest in an industrial floor coating that meets the needs of their unique business. As the experts in industrial floor coatings for Cedar Rapids and the surrounding areas, we have outlined several popular industries as well as the concrete floor coatings that best suit its needs. To ensure you get the maximum benefits possible according to your industry, consult the floor coating recommendations below.

industrial concrete floor coatings cedar rapids

High Slip Industries 

When it comes to machinery shops, meat processing, chemical facilities and the like a no-slip surface is of high importance. Industries that see repeated spills or a high likelihood of liquids, oils or grease on the floor should look to slip-resistant industrial floor coatings that use a coating substance mixed with a coarse aggregate like sand or crushed minerals. Both epoxies and polyurethanes will work for this function, but polyurethanes are slightly easier to use.

Food, Beverage & Agricultural Processing

If you are a facility that is evaluated by the USDA, then chances are you are required by law to implement a flooring system that can resist microbial growth while minimizing dust and controlling residue. For use around food processing, kitchens, and meat-packing, our cementitious Urethane are FDA approved durable floorings for food industry. Learn more about Cementitious Urethane Overlayments.

Heavy Traffic

For heavy traffic industries like warehouses, durability is key. Durable and long-lasting flooring designed for use in moderate to heavy traffic. Learn more about ECO-HTS 100 Urethane Coatings.

Chemical Manufacturers

Industrial facilities that use acidic or generally corrosive materials will require a special blend of high-strength, chemical-resistant epoxy. A more chemical-resistant industrial concrete floor coating may not only prolong the lifespan of flooring systems, but can prevent dangerous reactions that occur when certain chemicals make contact with flooring and produce fumes. Cleanup is also made easier since chemicals are prevented from penetrating the surface’s pores.

A variety of formulations to resist chemicals, protect against static discharge and reduce water vapor transmission. Learn more about Specialty Coatings.

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