5 Ideas for Your Commercial Decorative Concrete Floors

When you think of concrete floors, you probably think immediately of gray, plain concrete. However, that is before you have it coated! Commercial decorative concrete floors in Minnesota are a great way to take an average, boring floor and create something beautiful! Not to mention that concrete floor coatings add slip-resistance and protect your concrete floors from common wear and tear, in turn protecting your employees.

When you choose Advantage Coating for commercial decorative concrete floors, you can choose from almost endless colors and combinations. We can create designs in your coating to indicate the flow of traffic, lanes, or safety zones to let people know where not to walk, and more depending on the needs of your commercial facility!

Here are just 5 quick ideas for things you can have done to your commercial concrete floors to make them more decorative when you choose Advantage Coating for concrete floor coatings. 

1. Flake Flooring

Rather than boring gray concrete, you can spice it up with flake flooring! This flaked, speckled design creates an appealing flooring choice for any business and adds textured slip-resistance to protect your customers and employees. You can customize it with color choices and sizes of flakes, leaving you with endless options!

Minnesota commercial decorative concrete floors; marble touch

2. Marble Touch

Using a metallic epoxy coating, you can create a look of marble for your concrete floors instead. With endless color combinations, you have even more creative freedom than with real marble, with lower costs too! Adding a unique touch of epoxy “marble” is another sure way to grab customers’ attention when they enter and exit your business.

Minnesota commercial decorative concrete floors; safety lines

3. Safety Lines and Zones

In commercial environments where employee safety can be on the line due to heavy machinery traffic, such as factories, warehouses or hangars, safety lines and zones can help employees and guests alike know where they can safely walk! Incorporating these into your flooring with epoxy coatings is the best way to leave lines and zones indicated for years to come.

commercial decorative concrete floors Minnesota

4. Painted Concrete

An epoxy coating can also be used to give the look of painted concrete, but with extra protection for your floors! Epoxy hardens rather than dries as paint does, so this is a great way to strengthen your concrete floors and increase their durability. Seamless protection and lower maintenance expenses!

5. Logos

Last, but not least, you can have your business logo incorporated into the floor of your commercial facility! With our experienced installation team, you will be amazed by the quality of logo we can incorporate into your floor. This is a great idea for showrooms, entryways, hangars and more!

Are you interested in learning what commercial decorative concrete floors we can create for you? Contact Advantage Coating today at 952-556-8720 or contact us!